Through this website I can begin to give you an insight into our values and practice, but there is no substitute for visiting us for yourselves. It is not just the three and a half acres of idyllic countryside that provides our setting, but the fact that many who come to us are touched by the way in which the presence of God is so real in the school. I believe in childhood. I believe it is something that God wants to re-establish as the norm for all our children: that they grow up in His way and in His time.

I want to assure you that academic progress is a high priority for us as well and I commend to you our excellent examination results at Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. If this is your priority then look no further and count everything else as a bonus.

I would be delighted to meet you personally and take you on a tour of our facilities. Please feel free to contact the school at any time and arrange an appointment.

Heather Bowden